Ricoh GR + GH-3 + Adapter Ring + GW-1

My first Ricoh camera was the GRD, the first digital GR camera. I bought the GW-1 21mm wide adapter lens and grew to love using it often. I eventually upgraded and passed the GR and GW-1 to my daughter who unfortunately dented the front ring and scratched the glass (she was very young).

Eventually I picked up a GRD3 and missed the wide angle 21mm so bought an adapter ring to step down the GH-2 adapter tube filter thread to the GW-1 37mm. It worked well, with a slight vignette which I also grew to love.

Today I have the GR and looked longingly at the GW-1 again. Could this lens from 2005 be a good match to the dramatically different optics designed for an APS-C sensor? I expected to see a lot of vignetting at least but it turned out surprisingly well.

The Setup

  1. Ricoh GR
  2. GH-3 adapter
  3. 49mm to 37mm step down adapter ring
  4. GW-1 0.75x wide angle conversion lens

click images to see enlarged view

Sample Pictures

click images to see enlarged view and meta data


Despite the scratches the front element of the GW-1 has I don't see much if any effect in the shots, and the denting and scratches merely add to the charm now.

I don't know if the GW-1 is giving me a true 21mm view, I have no way of testing this other than buying the correct lens and comparing shots, but I'm not going to drop £200 to find out. I can probably set up a test area with a tripod and marked up target, measure distances etc and do some math, I'll look into it. But do I care? It's definitely substantially wider, so no.

It's also fun, knowing this is a kind of a hack, using a lens that's nearly 10 years old.