Ian Siegal Concert

Concert Flyer

Concert Flyer

On the 3rd of April I went to see Ian Siegal play at The Garage, Swansea. It's a small intimate venue so you're pretty close to the artists, a great feel compared to huge venues, and the drinks are reasonably priced too.

Ian was excellent, and told some great stories between songs, highly recommended.

The opening act was Ayesha V Jeffreys, described as a rising star, also excellent.

The pictures below were taken at 28mm and cropped in some cases (aka post-zoom). We were sat about 30 feet away and it was pretty dark. I experimented with the max ISO 25600 on my Ricoh GR briefly, which you can see with the picture of Ayesha and empty stage, it's pretty unusable.

You can hear some of the artists music on Soundcloud: