Teenager EDC

I made an EDC keyring for my son's thirteenth birthday, something he could build on and change as he progresses through life. He lives in London, so any kind of knife is out of the question with zero tolerance rules for children, loves cycling and is going on a school skiing trip soon.

Therefore, requirements were set to:

  • flashlight
  • scissors (request)
  • bike tool
  • navigation aid
  • signalling

This is what I came up with:

  1. Freekey keyring - a new item, allows easy addition and removal of items.
  2. Photon Freedom Micro light.
  3. Bespoke signalling and navigation fob.
    1. Oscar Delta Zero Dark credit card, cut and folded to form a loop. The plastic sheet absorbs light and will glow brightly for up to 18 hours, brightly enough to be seen or read. Material described here, available to buy here.
    2. Oscar Delta Pitch Black self adhesive disc folded over open end, punched and reinforced with a brass eyelet. The disk is highly reflective and can be seen over great distances. Material described here, available to buy here.
    3. Suunto Clipper L/B NH compass, clipped onto the loop.
  4. Brass fishing swivel from grandfathers old tackle box.
  5. Nitecore NWS10 titanium 120db whistle.
  6. TEC Accessories P7 Suspension clip.
  7. Screwpop driver, modified to take normal diameter 1/4" bits, barrel half packed with Sugru to bits don't get swallowed. The Screwpop comes with a long narrow bearing retained double ended screwdriver bit. The Screwpop was added to provide a reasonable driver to go with the bits that the Mako holds. It would appear Screwpop have very recently revised the Screwpop to basically what I've done :)
  8. Victorinox scissors from a Swisscard, housed in Faber Castell automatic pencil refill container, stripped, drilled and reinforced with brass eyelet. The scissors are held in place by friction. I'd considered adding some sort of clip retainer but it was unnecessary.
  9. Leatherman Mako Ti titanium bicycle tool, standard bits replaced with 3 double ended replacements and an 8mm crank bit, effectively doubling the available bits. Added o-rings to add extra bit retention security.

Almost everything is intentionally non-ferrous to reduce potential harm to the compass, the only ferrous components are the scissors, bits, Freekey and P7 clip.