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photographic inspiration through constraint

A photography challenge and learning tool.

  • Have you got a shiny new camera but have no idea what to take a picture of?
  • Are you lacking inspiration or looking for a photography challenge?
  • Want to challenge your friends or a group of photography students?

PhotoVexed sets you a photograph challenge by constraining you in 4 ways - find a picture that matches the 4 constraints. Constraints lead to creativity and along the way you'll learn new techniques and expand your photographic abilities.

Note: you don't take pictures with the app


  • very simple to use, just press the spin button
  • 4 random constraints to each picture challenge
  • example photographs and brief guidance
  • share your challenge via twitter, email or SMS
  • help page
  • fun rotation effect
  • 8640 possible challenges!
  • original photographs throughout (see them all here)

Feedback is very appreciated and I'm grateful for the comments sent through the website, keep them coming :-)

Coming Soon

  • new ways to control the wheels
  • extended sharing options
  • and more...